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Tips to help you Earn More with Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime is fully automated, but this doesn’t imply that you don’t have any control over your trading account.

We allow you to define the risk levels and the trading conditions that meet your risk appetite. Adjusting the risk settings as per the trading guide and observing the trading tips below should increase the chances of profitability.

You shouldn’t take these tips as a guarantee of profitability. Many factors influence Bitcoin Prime’s performance. Some of these factors are outside our control.

  • Choose a trading time zone – We allow you to trade either the EDT or BST time zones. These time zones bring insane bitcoin volatility due to heavy derivative trading in the New York and London bourses. Our platform delivers an amazing return in high-level volatility.
  • Trade for not less than 7 hours daily – The ideal time to run Bitcoin Prime is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the chosen time zone. This is when heavy bitcoin derivatives trading is happening on the target exchanges. You shouldn’t run Bitcoin Prime past 4:00 PM since this could attract rollover fees.
  • Follow market events – You will find a link to a news feed and an events calendar on our resources centre. Use these tools to track the market events. Ensure that live trading is happening during these volatility-triggering events. The news feed should help you monitor the latest news in the crypto and get expert feedback on their impact on volatility.
  • Reinvest profits for growth – This strategy is perfect since it involves little risk and can make you super wealthy within a short time. Some of our clients have used this strategy to grow their $250 accounts to over a million bucks within months. Please remember that the trading outcome somehow depends on luck.