Bitcoin Prime is one of the oldest and most reputable bitcoin trading software in the market. We have been offering automated BTC trading services since 2016.

Our trading system is used by many. Trading with us is a piece of cake for all, given that our system automates the entire trading process.

You only need to sign up with us, fund your account through a matched broker, and start trading by clicking the live button. Our trading system is accompanied by a tutorial video explaining all the features.

We are always working hard towards providing our clients with the best trading experience. Our trading system is updated regularly to keep up with the highly dynamic crypto markets. Bitcoin Prime is built on AI technologies to maximize performance.

The Machine Learning (ML) subset of AI enables our trading system to improve accuracy as it interacts with data. We are among the few specialized crypto trading robots powered by artificial intelligence. Moreover, we offer a blockchain-driven trading ecosystem to ensure high-level accuracy.

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The Bitcoin Prime

We launched Bitcoin Prime to enable the ordinary person to enjoy the mouthwatering profits of fast-paced BTC trading. This trading software applies a wide range of sophisticated technologies to beat the markets most of the time.

Moreover, we move ahead of the markets and can therefore capitalize on new information before the markets can adjust to new information. Bitcoin Prime has been tested and proven to beat the markets most of the time.

We have entered into a partnership with over 15 tier-one brokers to be able to offer our trading system globally. You can only use Bitcoin Prime in a country with a supporting broker. Each of our partner brokers is regulated in at least five countries. You can use Bitcoin Prime in over 60 countries.

We are working hard to expand our reach to more countries. You should keep checking this page for updates on the supported countries.


The Bitcoin Prime Team

Bitcoin Prime was developed by a team of WST traders and MIT software engineers. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years.

We have been building trading software for big banks and hedge funds for many years. Most of our products have gained a huge following in the trading circles.

This trading program has been an internet sensation since 2016. Many people have earned fortunes through our trading system. Experts recognize Bitcoin Prime as a major driver of BTC volatility. Our trading system generates the best returns when the volatility is high.

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