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How do I trade the bitcoin crash profitably?

Bitcoin has lost most of its value in the recent crash. Experts attribute the crash to the sky-high global inflation rates.

The inflation rate is linked to a Post-Covid recession and the geopolitical uncertainty in Europe. Both the traditional and alternative assets have lost significant value since the start of 2022. However, bitcoin traders have nothing to worry about since they can remain profitable by shorting BTC through the powerful tools offered by Bitcoin Prime.

How can I make more from a small account?

The minimum deposit when trading through the brokers linked on this page is USD250. You can invest as much as $10,000.

However, we strongly advise against investing a lot of money. You can always start small and use our tools to build an aggressive reinvestment strategy. Some of our clients have applied the compounding strategy to turn a deposit of USD250 into a fortune.

How does leverage affect my trading account?

The brokers facilitating the trading process offer leverage of up to 5000:1. Leverage is debt capital provided by the broker to help you trade bigger positions with little capital investment.

High trading leverage can bring about magical returns. However, it also magnifies the losses and can lead to negative losses. We encourage traders to use it sparingly and to apply the Negative Balance Protection (NBP) tool to prevent losses.

What are BTC CFDs, and why should I trade them?

BTC CFDs are derivatives that allow traders to bet on the ups and downs of bitcoin without having to own it. This eliminates the risk of holding the asset physically.

Another advantage of trading bitcoin via CFDs is you can bet on even the smallest price movement. Bitcoin CFDs can be traded on BTC paired against other cryptos or fiat. The CFD brokers linked on this page offer hundreds of BTC CFDs.


How do I link my Bitcoin Prime account with the broker?

Bitcoin Prime automatically links your account with the underlying broker on completing the signup. We will redirect you to the assigned local broker’s page to complete the identity verification process.

The verification process is part of the global Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. These requirements are aimed at weeding out and preventing instances of money laundering. Your account with Bitcoin Prime will be fully connected to the broker on completing the verification.

How do I determine if my broker supports the Bitcoin Prime tool?

Bitcoin Prime identifies the best brokers for you. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the tedious broker investigation process.

Bitcoin Prime is in partnership with over 20 leading global brokers. You will be assigned to one of these brokers upon signing up on the robot’s official website. The broker will only link you to the broker authorized to operate in your jurisdiction.

How do I select the assets to trade with Bitcoin Prime?

We launched Bitcoin Prime to help you trade hundreds of CFDs on bitcoin. Many traders have achieved huge success trading bitcoin via our tools.

We have recently introduced more tools to help you trade CFDs on other crypto assets. You can use our market-tracking tools to identify and trade trending cryptos. Some of our clients have achieved huge success trading NFTs.

How do I apply the Bitcoin Prime tools for trading research?

We offer an in-depth guide to help you master all our tools. Also available on our trading resources page is a video explaining the trading research tool. You must be registered to access these resources.

Use the broker’s demo platform to test the tools. You should fully familiarize yourself with the tools after about an hour of the demo test. The signals derived from the trading research are executed via the broker’s live trading platform.

How do I use the Bitcoin Prime tools to minimize trading risk?

Risk management is the key determinant of success in all investments and trading. You will likely fail terribly if you do not have a risk management plan.

With our tools, you can easily build powerful risk management strategies. Use the demo platform to try out these risk management strategies. Your risk management plan must be fully aligned with your risk appetite. We offer the tools to help you establish your risk profile and align the trading with it.